Get to Know Thyself

How To Know Thyself

The first step to truly getting gno yourself is by first getting your birth chart. There are many who people who are professional astrologers who can do your birth chart for you but, what many people don’t know is you can get a birth chart for free.  And, I’m going to tell you what I did to break down my chart and to find out my strengths and weaknesses all on my own. This does not have to be strict outlooks on yourself. Beyond strength and weakness, you find out about your soul your 3rd-dimensional self and yourself on other dimensions such as emotions, feelings, gifts, hatreds, money and many many more things.

Here’s a step by step list that is guaranteed to help you find out more about who you are in Earth and will definitely assist you in finding out more about yourself within the realms of your consciousness and subconscious.

  1. Birth Chart this link will open in a new window.  Once you enter your birthdate; take a screen shot of each section so that you will have it for the rest of this self finding tutorial.
  2. Youtube. Youtube each aspect f yourself starting with your moon sign.
      The moon is in Scorpio for this Chart and it is in the middle. So, you would look for “Moon in Scorpio” videos and/or articles. If the moon was closer to Libra research and watch keywords “Moon in Libra” If it were closest to the next sign which is Sagittarius you would watch or read about “Moon in Sagittarius” Videos too.
  3. After Reading ( Step Number Two Above ) Click Here or the Picture and Get Your Birth Chart
  4. It is important that you check out how near or far each marker is to another sign.  For example: Look at your birthchart and find your moon sign locate it on the round chart that you screenshot.
  5. Next do the Same for your Sun Sign to save you some work I have inserted a couple of videos  “soon to be playlist” explaining what your Sun Sign is and how important it is to both your Spirit and Self
  6. Follow these steps for your Mercury and Venus Signs
  7. If you have any question or of this is not clear feel free to contact me At Or you can Visit me on Facebook at ClearVue Mirror Also Subscribe to my youtube Chanel that is ClearVue Tarot

As a Disclaimer” I am not an Astrologer Thankyou for Visiting my Blog Please come back as this page will be updated as I continue on my Know Thyself Journey Because After all We will never get bored or run out of things to do when we Embark on the Gno Thyself Journey Thankyou