What Everyone Ultimately Finds Out About the Twin Flame Journey

1. To Let Go

One of the first things any Flamer starts to learn is how to properly let go. This was my experience. Oddly enough it was my twin who made me stop, slow down and, experience the “letting of the go” as it were.  Also, please excuse my dated writing at the moment; I’ve been watching drama period pieces 😦

We were talking about things from our past and when I expressed anger. He sent me a beautiful song called Let Go (insert song here). That’s when I experienced true release. As if I was cutting any chords. I took this technique and I apply it to my life today with different things that may come up from my past. And letting go is what is allowing me to start expressing myself more freely.


2. Follow Your Heart

I also learned to truly follow my heart. He used to say follow your heart and I’ll meet you there. I wonder if he still says the same thing about me. I wonder if I follow my heart will he still meet me there. These things aren’t completely new to me. The concepts that I’m talking about in words magnified; when I met my twin flame. I used to follow my heart in a general sense. I tried to find myself to the best of my ability. Explored my options. I went to through different schooling.  A couple different colleges. I took certification courses in the different fields and after I started learning about astrology all of these fields that I went into started to make sense. I used astrology after my twin flame heartbreak to try to hone in on my quality skill sets. This was me presumably following my heart.

When I get into these programs and a routine was put into place I would get physically sick. And that is what leads me to this point about the Twin Flame. There is another level. My gosh Even though I had exhausted all of the other options that were in my perspective. There was a viewpoint that I had yet to reach. Something that I could not see. When I followed through with my heart I; was met. And my twin flame followed through on his promise to meet me there. All be it for me; it was a very loving and awkward experience. He among other things in life, have taught me the value of following my heart.

3. Go Easy on Expectations


I learned to keep expectations light. When we first meet someone I; know it’s been said over and over again to keep expectations low. But on a scale of 1 to 10 they mean expect nothing at all. When we have expectations in relationships in general disappointment is not an expectation for the wise of us. We know to let a person be themselves. Let them have the freedom of independence. We don’t burden them with our problems and issues. And, we don’t try to own them. All of these things can be traced to or somehow related to expectations in the Twin Flame union. And they create a road that leads to heartbreak. It’s heart breaking when the expectation of the Twin Flame partnerships are not met.  We think so highly of them and expect them to be operating in some ethereal integrity as if they aren’t human at all. In reality, The only thing that works is the little nuances in the magic, the empty space between words, and read between the lines that’s forever fleeting.

4. Assumptions Are Death

Assumptions are death in the Twin Flame relationship because going Beyond expectations; Assumptions manifest in this Dimension and sometimes they manifest physically. To assume that our twin flame is separate from us, different from us or, anything outside of ourselves is; just plain wrong. We start to play. Assuming we know what’s going on in that person’s mind. For example; valentine’s Day could come up in a twin flame relationship. One person in the relationship is assuming the worst because there has been a prolonging disagreement and the other person can be assuming this is the day we bury the hatchet. We could see how this could lead to miscommunication and disagreements. Both of them assumed that they were on the same page. They are not. And we all know what happens when two people just aren’t on the same page. In the universe agrees to keep it like that for some time.



5. Open Heart Chakra

Feels like a constant heartbreak.
When your heart chakra is open it feels like you just freshly broke up with somebody. Emotions are at a touch and you can tap into your feelings a lot more easily. I personally was able to free up myself to a whole new level of love. When I suffered the Heartbreak of a twin flame I took that energy and I spread all of the pent-up love and passion I felt for my flame and spread it to the other people around me including friends and family. When I felt like I had given all the love I had to give transmuting that energy fuel the life that I’m living today. I still feel like I have a broken heart but on the scale of 1 to 10 the pain is a two. The rest of my pain has gone into my Queen of Wands energy.

As always feel free to leave your personal twin flame experiences. And the things that you have learned while in your twin flame Journey.


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