8 Different Ascension Nuances to be Aware of During the Process

There is a structure level and different types of growth during the enlightenment. Here are the steps that I went through and that I noticed many other people went through at the same time as me or similar sequences.

What does ascension feel like?

First the person become awakened regardless to what that is whether it be a truth that reveal what’s hidden or a sense of being awakened from asleep so where they start to notice different points of view the person goes into having a different perspective from where they used to see things a different perception of the words that they used to use

Secondly I’d say people will go directly into information overload. This can last anywhere between three days and three years. This is when the person tries to find as much knowledge as possible on what originally awake in them. These topics range anywhere from metaphysics astrology hyperdiamond activity asheville travel and the list goes on and on. Oddly enough what awakens the person starts off at a fairly simple point in their life. This point is when they could be just searching for a recipe and stumbling upon and enlightened article all the way up to being apart of a group and one day finding out why they think differently. The possibilities are endless with regard to how a person is awakened none-the-less most this is the second stage the stage of information overload. It become information overload because the person is mainly using their mind to decipher the situation that’s going on around them verses putting in action swords freeing them self. Now at this stage this is neither a positive or A negative because we are supposed to be learning what we initially are going into. And there so many webs out there to entrap what these people are considered to be a thinkers or as the tribe over at spirit Tech would call them seekers. Thus they speak the light of information and they Gorge upon the information because they know that they are one day going to use or they think they are going to remember everything that they take in.

Third, the subconscious starts to manifest life in this dimension

What I mean by this is that the subconscious given the amount of time the person has been awakened and has been learning higher levels of knowledge. The subconscious will then begin to mirror the act the knowledge that is coming into the seeker. When this happens there is a process between the brain the eyes and the information receptors that enable the Seeker 2 begin to digest the information that he or she has been taking in. Once the person begins to digest the information the subconscious is free now to make suggestions. Here in the third dimension we call these suggestions the higher self. Now the higher self is beginning to become more apparent. The person begins to acknowledge the higher self by listening to the suggestions. The person also begins to acknowledge the changes they themselves need to make in order to reunite with their higher selves. In many schools of thoughts including Theory and philosophy this is called the process of Awakening.

Repetitive remission


Mental Alchemy. The cosmic yin And yang. GIF

Number 4 we go into a repetitive remission. This is where we find something that intrigues us and we dig deeper into it. This could be water monatomics reiki veganism etc. But what happened here is the joining and the Twilight ree puzzling the fractal state of being that we are programmed to be in. We start to redefine love as we know it. We start putting meanings to words as a means to put the pieces of the puzzle together. We begin to see the horizon of the collective consciousness. And we want to connect.

Number 5 within These connections we start to Foster we start to develop a sense of unity. With those of us who meet and those we have yet to meet. Because by now we are aware that we are all family on the planet Earth. In some way shape form or fashion. We realize now that we are connected regardless of the individual cells, births, and differences. This is when we start to realize and made ready for the divisive tactics that come at every corner. Gurus become the Law & Order of the day. Different groups whittled down to nothing more than view points. Wiser on the journey we respect that. Take what we learn leave what we don’t and we move ever forward and to what I call the know thyself Sciences.

Know thyself science

Six we start to change in the Physical Realm. We start to make changes in our lives. We developed regimens and start digging deeper into our cells. Purifying the body to rebuild it per phi’s recommendations. The one major overlooked facts that I can see on this step of the journey. The know thyself journey is not to know who you are the know thyself journey is to develop a working communication between you your cell the Earth and the cosmos. An understanding of where you fit in the theme. This thing is life and death. Birth and rebirth. Where are you. What are your coordinates among the Stars. Who are you. Last but not least; Why?

Number 7 we handle release. We release relationships and hurt. We start to learn how to deal with the types of pain. If we have physical ailments we try to heal them. If we are the person who has emotional pain as most of us so often times do. We do our best to reduce it. And we succeed. What is missing from this process of our growth in healing is the truth. The truth that we are connected with our intuition. Our intuition should be cultivated during healing. Because that is when we are in the best alignment with earth physically. This makes what many healers call Magic. It’s actually a direct connection with many dimensions including Source. This is a period of reflection. This is the time where we look and scene a bird’s eye view of our situation. Are we able to reach out and assist our family our friends our loved ones? Can we look at the situation without judging it? Have we develop a sense of balance on a personal scale? Do uC what you want to see when you open your eyes in this dimension.

We reach out

8 We reach out. Weather is joining a group talking to a friend or connecting with new people to develop new relationships. We reach out. Whether we want to assist others on their individual power and paths. Or it’s a group that we feel our knowledge and Skills will be useful and appreciated.

This list can be broken down extended or even edited. But these are the things in the different steps that we go through during our Ascension process. We can also call this the know thyself Journey. Sometimes we just need a reminder to just take a few minutes or slowed down to know where we are on this path. To know the processes of this journey is priceless. Because it is timeless. Always feel free to leave a comment and share what it is that was your path this was mine.


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