Tarot Card Readers are Becoming Increasingly Displeased

An increasing number of tarot readers are dissatisfied

Along with having the power to assist the masses in “knowledge of self.” Tarot readers have to contend with false information, disclaimers -pre disclaimers, prefacing their very own titles because the majority of seekers have ceased on doing the work of researching the places they get their information from. But that’s not why we are here. I have been binge-watching Tarot since January of last year I started watching tarot videos because I have a severely Broken Heart as well as an open Heart Chakra and since then tarot has become something that I love to do. I love to read tarot cards and I love to learn about the processes in between the reader and the Divination tool which happens to be called tarot cards. I have noticed an increasing number of tarot readers becoming more and more aggravated over time. Some of them know how to take a break, figure things out, come back and give it another go. But those who have been doing Tarot like the super professionals 10,20, 30 years are saying outright how disappointed they are. They are not going into specifics but I suspect that they are disappointed in themselves.

Why do I say that? I say this because they are true Intuits! We are living in the time now where the Intuit wants to speak from the heart from the soul from Source. Directly from Source like the original oracles used to do. In a time where oracles, channelers, psychics, mediums, and healers have been replaced by cards and Angel messages, corporatized spiritual youtube channels. The real Oracles are waking up to the fact that they are indeed in a box. This box being the new age spiritualism and the love and light frequency. With that being said these intuitive are looking to the sky now they have all but thrown away their tarot cards. If you watch as many tarot videos as I do you will hear a repeating theme. They say things like I don’t really need the cards. They also say things like “I mostly read intuitively”. I just use the card to help me get my words across. This is a fact because messages from Source are divined through the person and tarot cards are a tool of divination. If a person is vibrating physically mentally and spiritually on a resourceful level they will be able to do this without the use of tarot cards. By contrast, if a person who is not of the new age criteria has spent an equal amount of time 10 20 30 years divining messages from Spirit they too can divine directly from Spirit without the aid of tarot cards and the Intuit has once again woken up to this fact. Let us foster and assist them. Let’s welcome this new calling.

I pulled a card for the situation from The Book of Doors Divination Deck and Neith was drawn.

The mystery with which Neith was connected in the Feast of lamps celebrated the Creative Energy of the Goddess the processes of generation and Magic.

Divinatory meaning

An auspicious time to make contacts and connections. Integration; creativity.

Tarot will be a system of learning.

The High Priestess Image Rider-Waite

It is safe to say that one-day Tarot will be a system of learning. Different from the one we experience now. Hopefully, we’ll move to a time where people seek to learn tarot for themselves. Not for answers from others. Personally the more and more I practice tarot. the more and more it serves as a confirmation tool for me. It confirms what I already know. We are nearing the point where these tarot card readers are going to throw away their tarot cards or give them to the next tarot card neophyte. A beginner who’s coming into their own someone like me possibly Someone Like You. Someone who has just found their path personally a part of my path is to help as many people as I can get over hurdles and live the life that they truly want to live. Not necessarily the life that’s just been handed to them. People who can’t see the forest for the trees people who need a new perception a new perspective on life. People who are already ready to take the advice given to them by me. And hopefully, the assistance that I provide them spreads like wildfire across the planet. And engulf people in practical/applicable Solutions. No perception is too bent to straighten. No perspective is too narrow to take away. And I achieve this easily with Tarot. Because with every tarot card reading I do I change lives and I pride myself on that. If I had to sum up todays querent and their interaction the seeking of knowledge and answers in a tarot card. It would have to be The High Priestess

They are inhibitedly ready to utilize their full psychic abilities.

Likewise, tarot readers of today these people who have been doing it no less than 10-15 30 years are annoyed. They are fed up with the YouTube boxes. They are fed up with the disinformation being pumped to the querent/client/seekers. And I feel we are on the cusp of the greater ones with all of their knowledge and expertise those of them who are true Intuitives and not necessarily the fans of tarot per se. Keeping in mind that these people are lovers of The Craft. And are not fed up because they don’t like it they are fed up because they are not freely able to use their clairvoyants their clairaudience. It’s the algorithm and the way they are set up these people have to learn the new technologies and craft the message so that is in turn internet friendly. So that they can grow scalable businesses.

If you are one of these Intuitives who are sick and tired of this web that has been mired in your energetic field. I submit to you today that the cosmic energies made manifest upon the face of the planet that you are free. You are free to throw away your cards burn them to give them away shoot from the gut. Just as sure as I’m shooting from the gut right now. You can read without cards. You don’t have to box yourself in and pin down your energy. I’d like to leave you all a message of personal circumstances. If it is as I suspect that there are personal issues at play with regards to how feel at the moment, we should keep in mind that your energy should not only be free to express itself but also be free to talk to you straight from source too. So although you may be upset with yourself that you can’t find the Queen of Swords for the High Priestess you can benefit from the archetypes Hermit and The Hierophant. #deliverthemessage #NOEGGSHELLS


I’d also like to reference Veroosh on issues affecting Tarot Readers on Youtube for further details about what Readers are facing this day and age.  This is to magnify the effect of algorithms and the pressure put on Psychics and Spiritual Assistants all together. Tarot Readers everywhere will appreciate the information she gives you in the video. It’s 55 minutes of seasoned tarot reader review. In it she explains copyright infringement, haters, jelousy and changes in the Youtube set up. Watch the whole video here and be sure to give it a like because Youtube  recognizes and uses like to help us find better videos.

In the meantime, you can continue to think about what ha been written here. How can we encourage our beloved Oracles to be freer? What would you say is one of the better ways to deal with these types of pressure. Have you witnessed anything like this before?


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