Tarot RV Travel Card of the Day 3 Page of Swords Strength Card


Turns out my dear friend who was blowing up my phone was doing it for good reason although I still think that she could have messaged it to me somewhere in between those 50 to 100 calls hence the Page of Swords. I on the other hand was totally at fault because I completely overlooked the fact that she had indeed messaged me about market 4 days before I wrote this post. Because we are supposed to market together at the local flea market venues in New Jersey but I’m in Florida right now so when I initially received the message I chopped it up to too short a notice and didn’t respond because usually by then we would have talked. But when I kept getting the calls back to back I did not want to talk because they were in between and during the times where I was working on the very things she was calling about which was will I be able to make it to Market on the 7th of this month which for me is just unrealistic. Probable but I’m not even close to being finished with my RV to safely say I’m getting on the road right now. And she knows this. I won’t be getting on the road until I am on the road then everyone will know. But first things first.


I say day three but really it’s like day 20. I started journaling my days on facebook and decided nope! I’ll put all that energy on my own site. So, the tarot card of the day is 3 cards. One fell out and I’ll post which one is was tomorrow. I really want yall to guess which one fell out. I’ll give you a hint. SHE’S A BOSS! Indeed. I truly love this pic. Accompanied is The Great Pyrite. The deck is the Commemorative Edition of Rider-Waite and it’s truly growing on me. Or should I say in me? Nevermind…

Isn’t it a Beau-E?

So, I did have the strength to finish many things today. The strength card speaks about alot but I will share with thee:) the most significant points of my day as it was related to The Strength Card.

The Strength Card

I finished all of the painting and flooring today


To continue the day I; finished all of the painting and flooring today. It started out of nowhere I just began foaming the ceiling. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet. But, I have a video showing the roof and what it looks like. There’s a huge spot in my tiny camper there that needs to be replaced and now its a board as opposed to the rest of the ceiling. Anyway, I used a can of super heavy duty spray foam to fill in the large gaps then I went back in and shaved it down with

After cutting the excess

a knife.  Although the emphasis of my attention was on the Page of Swords. I specifically chose to read them separately but I knew somehow they were connected but meant to be read separately so ok.


I give You The Page of Swords

In Indeed an issue and ongoing Communications issue with a certain person that I know with that being said I had to get to the point so that I can dive deeper into the situation as to why the communication was the way it was with this person. So finally I cut straight to the core and said something about how we can still get our messages across without having to Resort to this clingy feeling that keeps creeping up. I don’t know about this person but I do feel a sense of I wouldn’t call it “neediness” let’s just call it “constant communication” but for the past few days no lie, this person whom I love dearly like a real sister called me truly about 50 to 100 times. So take that and times it by the power of response at that is what I messaged her today. I had to be fast direct and cut through. And believe or not I got absolutely no response. What does that say? It means I got my point across and had good reason to feel the way I felt. There is much to be said about the situation and it is a recurring thing. Something tells me it ends tonight. There is also something to be said s of about there being more than meets the eye. The extreme of having basically poked someone 10s  of 100s of times. It’s not an emergency or something that needs to be handled. Absolutely important or dier at all seems off kilt (for lack of better words. <-cliche)

It’s 1:22 am over here you guys. I’m out ❤ … scroll back up and try to guess the card that fell out while I was shuffling this morning …. yesterday morning 🙂


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