ClearVue Tarot RV Journaling

Getting Ready to Travel from Florida to New Jersey

Before: RV Renovation this is a pic of the first night I got him.

My Tarot Travel Journey.

I’m pulling daily cards and posting pics and video of my RV  renovation progress. For the record I have a 1990 Chevy Winnebago Sport that’s 20 feet short.  If you prefer to watch video Visit my video Channel on Youtube or for pics go to my Instagram.

After : I’d laid the floor I began painting. I don’t have a good shot of the floors but I will be updating.

So Far I have made I’d say a lot of progress on my RV but there is still so much more. For example, I just found out today the house batteries along with the wiring connected to the house batteries need to be replaced. I will keep you updated on that and what I plan to do about it. For now, I’m thinking of bypassing the entire system and making a small battery bank instead. I’m choosing to learn as I go and not going to let these types of things stop me. Right now the weather is my concern. And I’m certainly setting up to make sure the RV is weather proof. I used all Rustoleum paint products, a lot of silicone and heavy duty industrial strength spray adhesive to get this far. I have to clean up the paint marks. But if you go to my Youtube channel you’ll see things further along over there. Although I’ll be updating here first from now on.


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